The Benefits Of Bathroom Cabinet Remodeling

Bathroom cabinet remodeling is a phenomenal way to upgrade your home and potentially build equity. Whether you’re craving a bathroom with more eye appeal or crave more storage options, style and functionality are equally important. After all, everyone wants a home that looks good, but it’s also vital that uber-functional spaces such as a bathroom suit you and your family’s day-to-day needs. At Piscitello Home Center, bathroom cabinetry is our specialty, and your new oasis is just a blueprint and expert build away.

Maximizing Your Space Cabinet-Style Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are notorious for lacking proper storage, especially in older homes that predate the now-popular en suite bathrooms bursting with spa-like amenities. Even newer homes may not come with the room you need to stash all your towels, lotions, makeup, hairstyling gadgets, shaving equipment, and the kids’ bath toys. Pedestal sinks look sleek but barely have room for soap, while linen closets situated in the hallway seem fine until you emerge from the shower and realize you have nothing nearby to help you dry off.

Custom bathroom cabinets make the most of spaces large and small by ensuring every one of your belongings has its place. No more clutter on the counters or washcloths haphazardly stacked on the side of the tub. Cabinets can hug tight corners where standalone units would never fit, or slide in between existing fixtures to make the most of every inch of room you have to spare.

Making The Most Of Your Cabinets

With semi-custom and custom bathroom cabinets at your disposal, you can create a retreat you’ll never want to leave. A floating vanity with undermount cabinets leaves several inches underneath to slide a scale, stow slippers, or add a few handy bins. For those who prefer clear pathways or who have a bathroom with a smaller footprint, wall cabinets offer storage solutions that keep cosmetics and first aid supplies close at hand but at the same time safely away from children.

Multiply your storage possibilities with coordinated units such as a tall chest, vanity, and above-the-toilet cabinet. Double sinks are equally impressive while giving you and your better half dedicated areas to take care of your morning rituals or get scrubbed up and ready for bed. You can even skip sinks altogether — at least traditional types — and select a dresser-like vanity with a bowl sink on top instead.

Creating A Cohesive Look

Not all bathroom cabinet remodels have the same outcome. Take the time to work up a design that suits your needs as well as your home and choose quality products that serve as the perfect balance of form and function. You need your cabinets to do their job, but you also want them to be aesthetically pleasing. To that end, your layout must take into account the items you already have in your bathroom — or if you’re lucky enough to indulge in a total bathroom makeover, that the new cabinets match your favorite vanity styles as well as your picks for tile, faucets, paint color, and flooring.

Semi-custom and custom cabinets come in a wide variety of materials depending on the manufacturer. Go modern with sleek lines and contemporary hardware, or give your bathroom a luxurious touch with elegant finishes that exude the same opulence you’d find at a five-star hotel. For a classic look, opt for Shaker-style cabinets that are clean, warm, and fuss-free. They’re known for their durability too, which will come in handy as they outlast trendier designs and flashier builds. From granite and marble to wood and inlaid tile, there are materials to match every motif and personal preference.

Kick-Start Your Bathroom Cabinet Remodeling

As much as your bathroom is a place for functional tasks like taking a bath and brushing your teeth, it’s also a space meant for relaxation and rejuvenation. Anything is possible with the right remodel, and that requires a thoughtfully designed layout with cabinets that work as well as they look. Piscitello Home Center is a family-owned and operated business that combines six decades of experience, skilled team members, and remarkable contractor relationships to help you create the home you’ve always wanted. For more information on changing up your bathroom, contact us today.

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