What to consider when choosing a Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanityChoosing the right bathroom vanity is one of the many decisions you’ll make during a bathroom remodel project. Vanities enhance your bathroom’s functionality, so proper placement and ample storage are essential, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be appealing and stylish. The custom bathroom design experts at Piscitello Home Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, will explain your options and help you chose the best type of vanity for your bathroom’s layout, aesthetic design and storage requirements.

Sink Considerations

Your bathroom sink choice greatly affects your vanity decision. Self-contained sinks don’t require a vanity, but you could install one if you choose. Drop-in or surface-mounted sinks are cost-effective and ideal for many vanity options. Choose a vessel sink and vanity as a stylish alternative to traditional sink/vanity combinations, keeping in mind that they are often more expensive and require ample space for a comfortable fit.

Types Of Vanities

The two most popular types of bathroom vanities that Piscitello Home Center carries are freestanding and cabinet style vanities. Both vanity types conceal unattractive water supply and waste pipes either inside or behind the cabinet.

  • Freestanding vanities combine a vanity with a pedestal sink. Traditional pedestal sinks don’t provide essential storage space, but the combination offers beauty and organizational functionality.
  • Cabinet-style bathroom vanities let you save space and offer increased storage in a wide variety of design choices. Vanity cabinets range from narrow, inexpensive varieties suitable for a single sink or expansive double-wide versions capable of holding two sinks. For an elegant look, choose vanity cabinets that simulate the look of fine antique furniture.

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