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Learn About Our In-House Accounts: Click Here

Nuts, Bolts,

Build a better tool kit. Make a simple repair. Complete a home project. With no wandering through aisles in confusion, no wondering if you’re choosing the right item. Our staff at our Easton hardware store has done their home work so you can, too.

Made Easier

The right safety equipment, the specific door lock you need, the cabinet and furniture hardware for the perfect touch. We’re your one-stop-has-it-all-shop.

Ask Us

For big jobs or small, our staff is ready to answer your questions and make sure your purchase is “mistake-proof.”

Extra Steps
Taken Here

You’ll find everything that online stores have — and one big thing they don’t — one- to-one courtesy and advice that ‘clicking’ on an item can’t deliver.

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Home Is Where
Our Heart Is.

Home Is Where
Our Heart Is.

You’re our friends and
neighbors. And we
care about you and
our community.

Our staff is inspired to always work at their personal best — so that you receive the best in personalized service. Your home is in good hands with us; on that you have our heartfelt promise.

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