Signs That Your Kitchen Needs Remodeling

Messy KitchenWhen your kitchen becomes outdated, it makes your entire home look old. As things break down or become worn and scuffed, your kitchen not only loses its aesthetic value but also its functionality. Old appliances use more energy and begin performing poorly, but your kitchen may require more than new appliances to whip it back into shape. If your cabinets, counters, flooring, and fixtures look rough and hamper your everyday life, it’s a definite sign your kitchen needs remodeling.

Distressed Cabinets

One broken cabinet might not be a big deal, but when several cabinets operate poorly, your culinary endeavors suffer. If the first thing you notice when you walk into your kitchen is how worn or discolored the finish on your cabinets has become, you may also be embarrassed to invite friends and family over. Outdated cabinetry also tends to lack the storage space you need in a modern kitchen. All these issues are sure signs you should remodel your kitchen. During your remodel, change out your distressed cabinets for a cabinet system that’s both stylish and meets your storage and organization needs.

Countertop Clutter

Countertops are the most used surface in your kitchen, so it’s no wonder the continual use and abuse make them deteriorate quicker than you expect. If your counters are cracked, have burns or stains you can’t remove or have lost their overall luster, it’s time to consider replacing them. While you could replace only your counters instead of doing a full remodel, new countertops may further emphasize how worn the rest of your kitchen has become. It could also be difficult to match outdated elements in your kitchen with newer countertop materials. Counters often set the tone for your entire kitchen design, so start your remodel by exploring budget-friendly laminate, mid-priced solid surface, and high-end natural or engineered granite or marble countertops to determine which best fits your lifestyle, desired kitchen design, and budget.

Flooring Woes

If your current flooring is cracked or warped, it not only looks unappealing, it can also pose a trip hazard. Your kitchen sees heavy traffic, so you need flooring that not only looks good but is also durable and safe to walk on. Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodel, it’s often easier and better, in the long run, to replace your flooring even if it isn’t too badly worn.

For instance, your flooring might be further damaged during the remodel. If you’re replacing your cabinetry, portions of the subfloor may also be exposed, and it could be impossible to match your old flooring. Your old flooring will also look duller and dingier next to any new kitchen elements you install. Replacing your flooring also presents an opportunity to improve the substrate, which may have damage concealed by the flooring. Improving your subfloors creates a solid foundation for your new kitchen and should eliminate any annoying creaks your old floor may have had.

Fixture Faults

Does your plumbing constantly leak, your appliances barely chug along, or your lighting leaves you in the dark? These are all more signs that it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Leaks happen when the old plumbing in your kitchen begins to fail, and this moisture quickly leads to mold growth. Mold is something you don’t want in your food preparation area. Appliances that don’t pull their weight can make cooking frustrating, plus a refrigerator that doesn’t cool properly puts your stored food at risk. Poor lighting also hampers the functionality of your kitchen and puts a strain on your eyes. These issues can be addressed and eliminated with a full kitchen remodel.

Lack Of Space

Older kitchens often lack storage and counter space, which leads to clutter. If convenient, organized storage options aren’t present in your kitchen, your kitchen isn’t working for you. Remodeling your kitchen to include extra cabinets and counters makes a huge difference, but updating the actual layout enhances overall functionality. Space planning during a remodel might be limited by square footage and placement of existing plumbing, but you can incorporate certain design elements to make the space more open and accessible. Consider working with a professional in kitchen layout and design to help you with your space planning and create the fully functional space you need.

Kitchen Remodeling Design Experts

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