Bathroom Vanity Organization Tips

Bathroom vanity organization adds visual appeal to the area around your sink. It also makes the space more functional because it’s easier to find the things you need. In addition to style and utility, incorporating storage space into your bathroom decor makes small spaces look larger and helps large areas look neat and tidy.

Vanity Shelves To Hide Bathroom Essentials

The space behind the doors of your vanity, such as a custom vanity cabinet purchased from Piscitello Home Center, provides the perfect spot to store grooming supplies, towels, and anything you want to keep hidden from view when guests come to visit. Shelves provide convenient storage for folded linens and containers filled with your necessities, such as a portable bathroom caddy filled with bathing and shaving supplies.

Door-mounted racks attached to the interior edges of vanity doors make it easy to store bottled items, such as hair care products, lotions, and cleaning supplies. And for items that aren’t in bottles, such as cotton swabs or Q-tips, consider transferring them into stylish storage containers to add to door-mounted racks. This keeps the area looking stylish and organized.

Countertop Storage Ideas

The area on top of the bathroom counter is one of the first things people see when entering the lavatory, and it’s easy to keep it looking neat with countertop organizers. Lazy Susans let you store multiple items on your counter without creating a cluttered effect. Arrange bottles and supplies on the lazy Susan, and everything you need when you get dressed is available with a spin of the device.

Baskets and bowls are also useful for countertop organization and adds an eye-catching appeal to the bathroom. Choose baskets in a variety of sizes to accommodate the different items you plan to store, such as tissues or makeup. Pick bowls that complement the colors of your countertop and sink for a cleverly themed effect.

Medicine Cabinets

A wall-mounted medicine cabinet provides a spot to store private items, such as grooming products, prescription medications, and creams and things you want to keep away from young children. This type of cabinet enhances the decor in the bathroom by providing extra space to organize small items.

If your bathroom tends to be dark, a mirrored medicine cabinet mounted across from a light source brightens an otherwise dark area.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Small wall-mounted shelves provide an ideal spot to store grooming supplies, washcloths, and spare rolls of toilet paper. Mount shelves at about shoulder height for easy access.

Larger free-standing shelves provide a lot of storage space for large items such as towels and spare clothes without sacrificing much surface area. Consider storing small items in baskets or bowls on the upper tiers of this type of shelving unit.

Hooks and Towel Bars

Install hooks and towel bars to hold damp bath linens and garments. Hanging up damp towels helps keep the bathroom from getting a musty odor, and it keeps the area looking organized.

Hooks are useful for hanging up bathrobes and clothing, so garments don’t wrinkle or end up on the floor before you’re ready to put them in the hamper.

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