Assessing Your Kitchen Cabinet Needs

Choosing the right cabinets enhances your kitchen’s functionality, so it’s important to assess your kitchen cabinet needs to better judge the type, style, size, and quantity of cabinets that work best for you and your space. Each kitchen is unique; therefore, your cabinet assessment hinges on how much available space you have to work with and your storage needs. These details also help you determine the ideal placement of each cabinet during kitchen cabinet remodeling.

Take Inventory Of Your Kitchen

Before you can determine the type and number of kitchen cabinets you need, you must first determine how much and what type of stuff you need to store in these cabinets. Determine your storage needs by completing a detailed inventory of your kitchen. Since you’ll need to empty your old cabinets before replacing them with new ones, taking inventory is also an ideal time to declutter and get rid of any items you no longer use to free up space. Spread everything out on a large table to get the best feel of how much you have that needs to be stored. Don’t forget the items cluttering up the counter space that you’d like stored away in cabinets, such as small appliances or items too large to fit in your current cabinets.

Assessing Storage Capacity

Probably the biggest concern when assessing your kitchen cabinet needs is how much space you need for storage. Armed with your kitchen inventory, consider the amount of storage capacity you currently have and decide whether it’s enough or you need more. If you’ve been storing items on your countertops or in places other than your cabinets due to lack of space, you need more storage space.

When shopping for cabinets, the dimensions provided are usually the outer dimensions. While these numbers are important to determine which size cabinets will fit into your available space, to assess storage capacity, you must also request interior dimensions from the manufacturer. Basic types of cabinets include:

  • Base cabinets have a standard exterior depth of 24 inches, but deeper cabinets up to 36 inches are available. Exterior widths vary but can be anywhere between 12 and 48 inches. A common height is 30 inches, not including the toe kick or countertop thickness.
  • Wall cabinets have a standard exterior depth of 12 inches, with deeper depths of 24 inches available. Widths are available in the same standard ranges as base cabinets. Common heights include 12, 30, 36, and 48 inches.
  • Freestanding tall or full height cabinets are available in standard depths of 12, 24, and 36 inches and the various standard widths. Height varies by manufacturer, but typical measurements include 84 and 96 inches.

When it comes to construction and storage capacity, frameless cabinets offer better interior access and more storage space than traditional framed cabinets. However, if you have a specific type of door in mind, only full overlay doors can be used with frameless cabinets, while framed cabinets allow for standard, inset, or full overlay doors.

Assessing Cabinet Placement

Deciding where to place your kitchen cabinets should begin with a floor plan, followed by accurate measurements that take into account where major appliances are located. Keep in mind any windows, outlets, gas or water lines, vents, and other obstructions that make an area off-limits for cabinetry. Decide whether you prefer a narrow galley kitchen or a U-shaped layout with a peninsula. Take an in-depth look at the standard sizes listed above for the various types of kitchen cabinets to determine which type and size cabinets fit best based on your floor plan. Choose a combination of base, wall, and freestanding tall cabinets that fit your space, storage needs, design preferences, budget, and style.

Schedule Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Our knowledgeable staff at Piscitello Home Center can help you assess your kitchen cabinet needs and find the perfect fit for your space, storage and organizational needs, personal preferences, and lifestyle. We offer quality kitchen cabinet lines from top manufacturers at a variety of price points to ensure your kitchen cabinet remodeling efforts effectively combine style and functionality with your budget. Visit our showroom in Easton, Pennsylvania, where our professional staff is ready to answer all your kitchen cabinet questions and help you create the culinary hub you’ve always wanted. You can also contact us at 610-258-0441 for further assistance with your kitchen cabinet remodeling needs.